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Look at duplexes in 03431. When you set out to purchase a house, there's a great deal you're bound to be curious about, including the various types of homes and living situations. Duplexes are one potential option you'll find, consisting of multifamily housing, mostly being one building with two units, and a shared wall. I'm happy to tell you why you may want to purchase one.

Are you interested in living in duplexes? They’re seen as a wise investment option as you can live in one unit while you rent out the other, giving you a potentially lucrative situation. If seeking a new apartment but you want the look and feel of a house, duplexes may be the ideal options for you. The living experience is similar to a home, complete with garage, outdoor space, patio, and the like.

These duplexes in 03431 are the best on the market! I’m Lisa Wilcox, REALTOR®. I understand its appeal, which is why I'm happy to share the information with people like you. When you’re my client, I'll fill you in throughout the deal. In many cases, people are happy dealing with only one other unit and being close to their neighbors can be a plus in many instances.

The benefits to duplexes are vast, but the main one is that it costs significantly less than a single-family residence but gives almost all the same services. You only have one unit next door, so you’re not dealing with the multitude of potentially-shady tenants of an apartment complex. You’ll also very likely get to know your next-door neighbor, so you'll be able to predict the interactions you'll have with them. You can’t make a better decision on your budget housing!

I’ll tell you what you need to know if duplexes in 03431 are something you consider. As with any living situation, there are pros and cons of owning duplexes, and it’s something I’ll help you determine when you decide to work with me. Visit my website for the first time, and give me a call. We’ll work out the details and learn everything you need to know before committing to anything.

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